Vegas Golden Knights Team Will Showcase Power-Packed Performance in Game 7


Who will win the Game 7? The TV discussion over this has created much frustration and fans are getting dam serious about Game 7. After the defeat of Vegas Golden Knights in Game 6 at NHL 2019, things get a little bit tight. Fans who are much motivated at the beginning seems to be tensed up with the Vegas Golden Knights score.

But a single defeat cannot define the Stanley Cup winners of Game 7. The eve of April 21, 2019, was not in favor of Vegas as Knights lose the game with 2-1. The game was held at T-Mobile Arena and with the high energy and performance. Because San Jose Sharks make the eve in their favor.

The best thing is that Vegas golden knights’ team is not disheartening from their defeat as winning and losing is the part of the sports. And the ideal team know this fact that one has to lose the game but not to lose motivation and dedication. Giving them proof of the true sportsman Vegas Captain announces to play Game 7.

Sharks vs. Knights – Game 7

Vegas Golden Knights
Source: KSNV

Sharks VS Knights will be held on 23rd April 2019 were both the teams will show their power-packed performance. Announcement of Sharks VS Knights spread the wave of happiness, joy and of course competition between the fans of both the teams.

Gerard Gallant, head of Vegas Golden Knights team sounds pretty confident about their performance in Game 7. According to him, that night doesn’t work for them but it does not mean that they will not win the Game 7. They know all the ingredients of winning the game and they are going to prove it in Game 7.

The motivational talk of Vegas golden Knight’s team spread the waves of confidence. This also helped in spreading motivation among the Vegas team and fans. The Vegas team is highly up for Game 7 as they believe that if they play rightly they will be rewarded.

Flip the coin and Sharks are highly pushed by their winning in Game 6. Not only the San Jose Sharks are ambitious the huge crowd is ready to brace up in the ground.

Let’s wait for the 23rd April 2019 to see the Sharks VS Knights. Hope the eve of Tuesday goes in the favor of the team that is better in showcasing their moves and tricks. And yes wait to see who mix up the ingredients of success rightly and wins the Game 7.


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