Super Bowl 2019; 5 Big Facts that will Surprise You

Super Bowl 2019

Super bowl game always brings something exciting and worth remembering. This big game is overloaded with big facts that sounds interesting and funny as well. Well, you might know the gigantic facts about this giant game, still I can bet here you will uncover the craziest or the hidden facts. If you want to rock in the super bowl 2019 discussion party then you have to stay here for a few moments.

3rd February 2019 was not the usual day for the world of sports in fact for food lovers as well (Keep reading for detail). Everyone was excited about this BIG Game that was full of thrill, sensation, joy, adventure and much more.

The fun of anticipating who will be the winners, the excitement of the fans, energy of super bowl players, and the waves of rivalry between super bowl teams, was making it the best event of 2019. No doubt, having a wonderful event, super bowl 2019 at the beginning of the year is a good sign.

Super Bowl 2019 Patriots vs Los Angeles
Source: CNN

5 Big Facts

Well, here are some astonishing facts that have made super bowl 2019 a billion-dollar brand.

Before your peeps read out the below-sorted facts about super bowl teams, super bowl players and most of all the super bowl winners, have a glimpse on these interesting and yes hell like scary points:

  1. This Big game breaks the records of the largest viewers of the television broadcast. Sounds good! Isn’t it? Super bowl 2019 set the highest line for the most viewers of television broadcast in America.
  2. Super Bowl 2019 day, Sunday, is recorded as the second largest day not for sports but for food consumption. Really? Sounds strange but, a big Yes, Indeed! A large number of dogs, chicken, hamburgers were consumed during that day
  3. The super bowl commercials was another exciting thing over the whole event. The news of super bowl 2019 may be less discussing winners and teams instead the commercials were the most highlighted thing. The fact was super bowl game brings a couple of craziest and expensive commercials
  4. The cost of super bowl tickets was touching the sky. It cost double than the average income of an American working 40 hours a week. Some tickets were up to $100,000. Sounds Interesting (not for the pocket)!
  5. Super bowl game was given the name of the billion-dollar game because the pockets of super bowl players were full of dollars. The best part was either you are super bowl winner team or the one who lose, they are given huge amount that maybe not the total of the money you earned a whole year. Just Amazing!

So, hey super bowl game lovers! I bet that here you will uncover the hidden facts. Let’s wait together for the super bowl 2020!


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