Stop Overthinking; Overthinking Suck Happiness


Overthinking Kills Your Happiness

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Who does not want to live a life full of pleasure and delight? Truly speaking, in this low spirit world that is overloaded with anxiety, depression, and thousands of other miserable issues, overthinking has taken the speed of the rocket. No one is born over thinker. It is we who are using our analytical minds negatively and becoming the victim of this baneful disease. The cardinal logic behind overthinking is that we are unaware of the fact that ‘how to stop overthinking’.

Stay calm as today in this mega guide I will describe how to overcome overthinking or how to stop overthinking.

As a matter of fact, we all have been targeted by the phenomena of ‘Overthinking’. Agree? Oh, don’t say that you are not an over-thinker. Because we all are!

Don’t we spend hours in deciding a dress for our party? Don’t we think thousand times before responding to someone? Or don’t you start searching for fever remedy and end up with a drastic and terrible disease? Or don’t you waste your precious time over your past mistakes and acts?

Just like me, who has spent more than two hours on overthinking over ‘Overthinking’!

Yes! We all are over thinkers.

For a person just like me who has the habit of taking the situation from different angles and then start browsing it over the internet frequently becomes the victim of overthinking.

Being an analytical mind and going into the depth of the issues is good to some extent. But this analytical power takes the shape of overthinking when we make a mountain of a molehill. The point where our analytical power starts sucking our happiness and positivity from our life is the point we enter into the life of overthinking.

Worry gives a small thing a Big shadow

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Here it is necessary to mention the disorder arises from overthinking names as Overthinking Disorder. But what actually it is? Did spending more time in taking a decision or analyzing the situation from different angels make us the victim of overthinking disorder?

NO! It’s not.

However, if you constantly do the same act you may open the door of the overthinking disorder. Let’s have a look at what overthinking disorder actually is?

Quick Overview of Overthinking; Medical Perspective

According to medical sciences, excessive thinking leads to a baneful disease known as an overthinking disorder. You might think that you are the victim of this disorder because you think on certain topics too much. But actually, it’s not like that.

The overthinking disorder is the state when a person thinks too much about certain issues that he or she loose the power to perform a daily routine task. The state when he tries to do a task but is unable to do because of lack of attention and the capability to focus on it.

Overthinking causes the human mind to create negative scenarios and or replay painful memories

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On the other hand, if you take more time to resolve an issue or in taking a decision because of your analytical personality then stay calm because it is not overthinking disorder. However, yes you are in the state of overthinking but it’s not overthinking disorder.

Now the matter of concern is how to stop overthinking and if you have become the victim of overthinking disorder then how to overcome it.

Want to stay happy? Follow the below dos & don’ts:

If you really want to make your life full of the joys of spring then don’t stay long in the state of thinking as it will dig you towards overthinking. And overthinking leads to anxiety and depression. Have a glimpse over the tips on how to overcome overthinking.

How to Stop Overthinking in 4 Steps? Source: I Heart Intelligence
  • Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Every human being over this planet has its own strength and weakness. According to a survey, even two twin kids react differently to the same situation. Same is the case with all of us. The day you start comparing yourself with others is the day you open the door of overthinking.

  • Get the Courage to say ‘No’

The most essential dos on how to stop overthinking are to get yourself comfortable with the option ‘NO’. It’s not necessary that you have to agree with another person point of view. The same situation goes with you as well. Get yourself ready to hear NO from other persons as well.

  • Free up Your Mind

Undoubtedly, getting your mind free is quite hard. As a person is always in a thinking mode. But for entering into the life of spring you need to follow this tip. Free your mind with unusual thoughts and thoughts that disturb you. Once you get the power to control your mind will be the day you open the door of happiness.

  • Live in the Present

Another do’s on how to overcome overthinking are to forget what happens in the past and what will happen in the future. Live in the present because this day will never come back.

The only way to succeed is to take massive determined action

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Cutting long story short, I am pretty much sure that after going through all the above points and strict follow up of these tips will get yourself out from the state of overthinking. As these tips work for me so will work for you as well.

Wait, don’t forget to give the feedback about the dos and don’ts of how to stop overthinking. Did they help out you as they work like magic for me? Will love to hear from you.


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