Pakistani’s Making fun of the Ending of Mere Paas Tum Ho

pakistni's making fun of paas tum ho

Pakistani’s making fun and getting furious over the death of Humayun Saeed aka Danish in serial mere paas tum ho. They are too apathetic. On good things, they will praise you too much but on the other hand, when things go bad they criticize. The same thing happened with the crappy ending of drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, directed by Nadim Baig.

Khalil Ur Rehman is the creator of many legendary serials including Khuda Aur Mohabbat and Piaray Afzal. The serial Mere Paas Tum Ho is also one of them but its crappy ending made everyone furious.

They took over the platform Twitter to criticize the ending of the drama. With the hashtag, #MerePaasTumHo there are some famous tweets.

Tweets by People on the Last Episode

The most famous ones are for the funeral of Danish, who died in the episode by the writer.

But some people criticized the death scene of the actor in the serial. Because according to them Nawaz Sharif had done better acting of heart attack than Danish.

But this one is really mocking. Because this one is based on the part of one of his speeches.

But this man took memes to the next level.

Pakistani’s making fun of PMLN. See the following tweet.

Look at this one. This mocks the narrative of Bhutto Zinda ha. Because PPPP says it.

But this girl compared to the one real story of our PM.

That was on the lighter note. Because some people are also praising the whole drama serial and the acting of Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed and the whole cast. Because this serial reflects the real side of society. Also, this story is the real-life story of the writer Khalil-Ur-Rehman except ending because I doubt that.

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