Pakistani IT Minister Ch Fawad Mocks Indians and Modi on Failing Chandrayaan 2 Mission on Twitter

pakistani it minister ch fawad

It seems like Pakistani IT Minister Ch Fawad has some great taste in mocking others. He was critical on opposition parties when he was in Minister of information and broadcasting but this time he mocked Indians in a very great way. He was active on twitter and seems like he was waiting for the mission to fail.

Firstly Pakistani IT Minister Ch Fawad Mocked on the Information of tweet by a Foreign Astronaut

When someone named Cees Basa tweeted about the possible failure of the mission. His reply to him was:

Then an Indian politician from Haryana who was from BJP tweeted by saying that “Come on ISRO announce some good news!”. Because he was waiting for the success of the mission Chandrayaan 2. Ch Fawad Hussain mocked him in a very great way, see below.

That was the funniest one. But he didn’t stop here because ho then criticized Indian PM Modi.

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Ch Fawad Criticizing Modi

While criticizing Modi he said that Modi should not make false statements on TV now. And he said it by saying that Modi is a politician, not an Astronaut. Indian Parliament which is actually known as Lok Sabha should ask him questions.

Because the 900 INR was spent on a failed mission. As India is a country where most of the people live in poverty the mission should not be failed. But Modi doesn’t listen to anyone that is the thing in Kashmir Issue too. Lok Sabha should question Modi why mission Chandrayaan 2 failed? Because of Modi? Surely.


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