Mohammad Hafeez starts Q/A session on Twitter

mohammad hafeez starts q/a session on twitter

Mohammad Hafeez was in pretty bad form during the whole world cup. Today he started a thread on twitter which turned into a trend. The thread was that he presented himself for Q/A. He also mentioned that it is on fans’ requests.

As you can see, he mentioned that it is on the fans’ requests. Some excellent questions are also present. I will show here some highlighted ones because it will take me years to cover all of them.

This thread was started only 2 hours ago, and it has already more than 1500 people commenting on it.

The most highlighted one was by Waseem Badami. He asked about his number and in dm too.

There was no response to this tweet by Mohammad Hafeez. Of course, he might send him in his inbox.

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Mohammad Hafeez’s Retirement

There was one that was the critical one. This person asked him of his retirement in an offensive way. But he replied to him nicely.

Yeah, there was another one too about his retirement but more critically. This fan asked him: “Any plan on giving up the career?”. And he replied very nicely. Kudos.

And yeah there are some other good questions are also present. One person asked him about his favorite players in the team. In response to this, he said Babar Azam and Imam ul Haq.

But there was one person who asked about grouping in the team. In response to this question, he said that it is only on media. In reality, there is no such thing in the team Pakistan.

There are too many other tweets but it is difficult to cover them all. These were some highlighted one because there were some legitimate questions too in these.

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