Is speed dating business is the modernized form of Rishta aunties?


With everything that is changing and modifying itself to the new trends, it’s time to change the way of finding the right match for a girl or boy. Speed dating; as the name implies is the fast method of dating or quick way to meet a number of potentials to choose the best one.

While having a quick overview of ‘how does speed dating work’ you must know that it is of two types; one on which only potential boys and girls meet – mostly followed in the US, while the second one is known as Islamic speed dating – in which girl or boy guardians also meet each other.

What’s Matter?

Here the crux of the matter is ‘Will Muslims accept speed dating? Will the khandani families allow their girl or boy to go to speed dating events to meet potentials and see if they get Rishta (match)? What is the speed dating success rate? Is it the new form of Rishta Aunties?

Truly stating, Pakistani societies seems to be progressing with time and new trends as we all love to follow US trends. But they go back in the 18th century when it comes to a girl or boy rishta. Accepting speed dating business and speed dating events seems to be hard. But here the core point is to get out of the shell and move towards the concept of Islamic speed dating.

While researching over this topic and digging deep into the core of it, I came to know that Muslims in the US are moving towards Islamic speed dating. According to them, there is no harm in going to the Islamic speed dating events as not only the girl meets the boy separately but the families meet. They take it as boy and girl families meet outside of their home at a specific place.

According to some Muslims families, accepting the speed dating business was hard in the beginning. As ‘what LOG (people) will say?’

‘Will khandan wale (relatives) will accept it?’ At the same point, getting a perfect match for the children’s was also looking difficult to them. They also tried other ways of finding a match through friends and so-called Rishta Aunties but it didn’t work.

It seems that the Muslims in the US are accepting this trend no matter at what speed but yes they are coming out of their shells.

Islamic speed dating business VS Rishta Aunties:

Well, we all are aware of Rishta aunties and their business. To some people, it’s a source of shugal mela as they have to run their Dhanda (business). However, there are some respectful Rishta aunties who not even take a penny from you. They are just finding a perfect match for the sake of Allah.

On the other hand, Islamic speed dating is overruling however not with rocket speed but with the speed of a tortoise. The speed dating business has the same aim of Rishta aunties however it works in a slightly divergent mode.

You might be wondering ‘how does speed dating work?’ To give you a clear vision have a quick overview. Speed dating business conduct speed dating events in which a number of potential boys and girls participate by registering themselves.

International Speed Dating Events
Source: EU Blogs

In this, every candidate is given a number and they are given the chance to meet a number of potentials opposite genders to find the perfect match. At this point, what differs Islamic speed dating events and general speed dating is, in Islamic speed dating girl guardians also participate and meet the potential boys with their daughter and vice versa.

In my opinion, Islamic speed dating is an updated form of Shadi and Rishta business. But will Pakistanis consider speed dating good or bad is totally dependent on their Khandan wale as the opinion of all the Phupos and Mamoo matters a lot So, let’s sit and see whose Dhanda works more; Speed dating or Rishta Aunty.


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