India’s Chandrayaan 2 Mission Likely Failed

indias Chandrayaan 2 landing

For those who do not know about India’s Chandrayaan 2 mission, Here is what it was?

This was the mission started by India Space Research Centre for the lunar landing. Because India wanted to become the fourth country in history to land on the moon successfully.

When was Chandrayaan 2 Started?

Chandrayaan 2 was started a long time ago. But Chandrayaan 2 was launched on 22 July by ISRO. Vikram was the possible lander in the mission if it would be successful.

The Failure

Now come to this why it failed. People are making fun of it on Twitter and other social media platforms. Everything was going as planned and good during the complete mission. But then things got worse when lander’s contact with ISRO control center lost.

According to telemetry readings during ISRO live stream, Chanrayaan 2’s final vertical velocity was around 58 meters per second. Because at this time it was just above the moon 330 meters away from the surface.

It is worth noting that they were all set for celebrations as PM Modi was also at ISRO at this point.

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Why did it fail?

The lander Vikram was attempting to land on the surface that was 375 miles away from the moon’s south pole. If he would be successful then it would be the southmost landing on the moon in history.

The main reason why he was doing this because scientists this that Southpole is home to water ice. Their main purpose was to mine it and harvest it to support habitats for lunar colonists. Another purpose was to use it fit as rocket fuel for future spacecraft by conversion.

What’s Next?

It is reported that ISRO will continue to use this data for future missions.

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