Indian State Nagaland Announced Separation from India

indian state nagaland announces separation
Beautiful Nagaland

Well, you people might know about Indian State Nagaland. This state is in the northeast of India. This Indian state has a border with Myanmar. It is a tribal area which has its traditions.

On the 14th of August 2019, there was an event in Nagaland. In that event, we saw a flag of Nagaland and a banner which states Naga Independence Day.

nagaland independence day
Image Stating Nagaland Independence Day
Source: GNN

It is an interesting fact that there were also some rallies demanding the independence of Nagaland. We saw this step from these people after the termination of Article 370 and 35A from the Indian constitution.

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Flag of Nagaland
Flag Demonstrated by People of Nagaland
Source: GNN

It is also an interesting fact that these people want to celebrate their independence with Pakistan, not with India. Because of India’s brutal killing in Kashmir, India is falling apart.

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Well, this might be the first step of India falling apart. We already saw Indian Punjabi’s demanding their freedom of a new country. They say they want Khalistan.

While for the first time in 50 years, the matter of Kashmir is in the United Nations. Today, the UN’s security council’s meeting will be held for Kashmir issue.

It will be interesting to see Indian states will succeed in gaining freedom after Indian State Nagaland.

There is no official statement by the Indian Government on this.

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