How A Personal Development Plan made me A Goal Oriented Person?

personal development plan

The journey from being hell lazy to goal oriented!

Thanks to personal development plan!

Sitting on a couch, noticing the weather from the window while it’s raining outside along with the sips of coffee was not as much fascinating as it used to be. The crux of the matter was the conversation of two young kids that I heard this morning. They were discussing what they want to be in the future and imagining the ways via which they can have their goals.

Get up, Groom yourself & tomorrow meet a better version of yourself!

Suddenly this hit my mind and I was stuck for a moment. It seems my mind was asking me what I wanted to be in my life. Sadly, there was no answer. However, I get up from the place and came to home but the question was still there in the corner of my mind irritating me on and off.

This takes me to the past years and then I remember that just like other kids I wanted to be a teacher. But I never worked for it. I guessed that I don’t want to become a teacher as every child at an early age said this once. Then I remember that I wanted to wear a white doctor’s coat. But again it doesn’t seem to be a satisfactory reply. More to this, a number of professions come into my mind but none of them satisfies me. In short, after spending a few hours in the memories I didn’t get the answer.


To get my query solved I start browsing over the internet. That was the moment I realized that I never worked for it. I never worked over a self-development plan. I never worked over what I wanted to achieve. Summarizing it, I was living a dead life having no personal development plan.

That was the day my life was changed.

From a dull and lazy person, I become a goal oriented person full of zeal and zest. I start working over personal growth and self-improvement by making a personal development plan. Ultimately, it makes me a highly energetic person as now I have the purpose to work for.

Did you make a personal development plan? NO! Start it right now before you miss the flight. But HOW? Follow me.

However, as two human beings can never have similar thoughts and plan. Similarly, every individual has its own self-development plan. Despite this, I have listed down the few steps that will help you out in creating your personality development plan.

Steps For Personal Development Process: Mind Game
Source: Opportunity Desk

Step 1: Go Through the Self-actualization Process:

The first and foremost step is to identify yourself. One must go through self-actualization process to know himself. Once he knows himself the process of self-improvement and goal oriented person will become a piece of cake.

Step 2: Define your Personal Development Objectives:

After you have identified yourself, set your personal development objectives. At this stage, figure out the objectives and the things you want to work over. By working in that particular objective will lead to personal development goals.

Step 3: Define your Personal Development Goals:

Personal development goals are what that help out an individual to achieve its objectives. At this stage, you split your goal into divergent tasks that when combined will lead to the fulfillment of objectives.

Step 4: Set out a Personal Development Plan:

Coming towards the last but not the least stage is to design a personal development plan. A plan that involves self-growth or personal growth and assists the individual in identifying himself. It is the process via which you can groom yourself and can highlight your skills by polishing them.

The Gist:

Now the motive of unfolding my personal experience is to help you in grooming yourself and making yourself a better person every day.

Remember you have to win the victory over yourself. You are not in competition with others. Your past is your competitor!

Once you dig the above four steps in detail you will start feeling a change in your personality. Now the ball is in your court. I have done my part. It’s your turn!


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