Holiday Traditions in Pakistan


Holiday traditions in Pakistan mean great value for people of Pakistan. Throughout the year, people of Pakistan keep celebrating different festivals and holidays that are very exciting and wonderful to be a part of. A handful of these holidays have a touch of cultural significance in them while there are others that only celebrate live and natural environments such as Basant.

So, what are the most exquisite holiday traditions in Pakistan?

There are so many festivals and holiday seasons that are a high-class affair in Pakistan. Some of those have been discussed below:

National Cultural Festival

People of Pakistan kick start their year with this wonderful holiday during February. This festival is a celebration of diverse and rich cultures inside Pakistan.

Variety Of Cultures across Pakistan
Source: ICTD

It is organized by the national institute of folk and traditional heritage where people spend nine days filled with a lavishness of cultural activities, dance shows, craft fairs, traditional music and shows of different artists from around the country. This event takes place in Islamabad and tourists who are in the city at this period are sure to have the time of their lives.

Basant and Pakistan Flower Show

One of the most favorite holiday traditions of Pakistan is Basant which is their annual kite festival held during March in Lahore.

Basant Festival in Pakistan
Source: Daily Times

Here people celebrate and welcome spring season and wave goodbye to winters. If you get to visit this festival, you will be amazed to see that the skies are filled with colorful kites where both adults and children are making wonderful memories.

Pakistan flower show, on the other hand, is held in Karachi during February at Sea View Park. Here, the best flowers and plants are displayed that this country has to offer.

A Glimpse of Flower Show in Pakistan
Source: Pakistan Point

This event is always as mesmerizing as it is organized by the horticulture society of Pakistan that has no match in putting up vibrant colors and floral aromas in the city.

Chitral Festival

Every year, during September, this event takes place for a straight seven days. The people of Chitral celebrate this tradition in the form of a competitive sports event.

A Glimpse of Chitral Festival Pakistan
Source: The News

Here you will see everything from rock climbing, wrestling, archery, dance, music, and dramatic arts. A lot of people have given this festival the name of “Pakistan Olympics” as well.


One of the most significant holiday seasons in Pakistan is Eid. They celebrate it on the first day of Shawwal after fasting and praying in the holy month of Ramadan. All of the schools’ offices and businesses are closed during these holidays.

People Preparing for Eid Prayer in Pakistan
Source: Dawn

After people are done offering Eid prayers, they spend their time with their families and friends and feast with them while also feeding those who are poor and less fortunate than them. The ladies prepare sweets and other savory dishes to be served in front of the guests while kids are busy exchanging gifts and receiving money from their elders.


All over the world, Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram which is the first month according to the Islamic calendar.

People Mourning a Day before Ashura in Karachi Pakistan
Source: Dawn

Ashura is celebrated by the Shia Muslims of Pakistan to commemorate the death of Hussain Ibn Ali. Sunni Muslims also recognize these events, but their mourning has not become a custom until now although they still take part in poems, eulogizing and recollecting the events.


Muslims, not only from Pakistan but from all over the world gears themselves up for this major festival every year. This is a very scared festival and holiday season for Pakistanis where they are mostly found visiting cattle and cow markets to purchase their choice of animal for sacrifice.

A Pakistani Woman having ‘Dua’ after Eid Prayer
Source: Dawn

The ladies in the house make tasty dishes and BBQ from the meat. And then the entire family reunites to dine in together. But this festival holds great religious and cultural value and is very dear to every Pakistani.


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