FIA Drops All Charges Aginst Nominees of Arshad Malik Video Scandal

arshad malik video

A video that brought up by Accountability court Judge Arshad Malik against some people accused of blackmailing him. But today FIA dropped all charges against Nasir Janjua, Ghulam Jillani, and Khuram Shehzad. Those three suspect who blackmailed Judge to change his decision. Let’s see what Judge said in Arshad Malik video scandal.

Statements Made by FIA on Arshad Maliks Video

“Perusal of the record shows that though the accused are nominated, during the course of proceedings nothing incriminating could be brought on the record against them. No recovery has been affected during their physical custody.”, said in an official public statement.

Order on Drop of Charges Against all who were accused by Judge Arshad Malik
Source: FIA

The statement further read, “Therefore in the view of the contentions of parties and material available on the record, it is evident that not a single piece of evidence is available against the present accused. Recovery affected in this case was affected by co-accused and not from the present accused.”

So, what does that mean?

By the statements presented above, it is very clear that no one tried to blackmail the judge. Now that means that video brought up by Maryam Nawaz Sharif was real.

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On September 2, all of the accused were caught. Now they are stated free by the law. They don’t stand victim of this case anymore.


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