Chelsea vs Liverpool – All the Highlights You Want to Know!

mohammad salah in chelsea vs liverpool match

Chelsea vs Liverpool matches is all time hot favorite for the soccer fans. Both teams are unpredictable and give head to head competition in every match. If we have a quick look at the past matches between the teams, it’s hard to finalize one champion. Every match is a new one and unpredictable to decide the winner. The winning patterns of both teams are unidentifiable, but they manage to settle the score eventually.

Recently in Chelsea vs. Liverpool match on 14th April 2019, both rivals came on the field to fire it up with all soccer action. It went well, and as per tradition after the unexpected trail of events, Liverpool made Chelsea lose.

The Best Goals of the Match!

It seemed to be a neck to neck match between the teams, but a clear win of 0-2 was amazing. The winning goals came from Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah for Liverpool. It made the day for all the soccer lovers, and they never get disappointed from Salah. He is one such soccer player that leaves the audience amazed in all the matches with some brilliant shots and goals that cannot be replaced with anything. It was stunning to watch him kicking off the goal in Liverpool’s favor and hit another winning of the history.

Liverpool’s Players Celebrating After Match
Source: CBSS Sports

Ride the Roller Coaster of the Event

If we comment that the match was quite an affair of roller coaster events, then it will be the most suitable one. Even after missing out a few opportunities on the hands of Chelsea, Liverpool managed to come back in the second half. It seemed to be jaw-dropping when Liverpool came with some significant moves and energy to hit the goal. Mane and Salah picked up the opportunity to hit the goals and get the match decided in the end.

The Ultimate Hit

You will get mesmerized by hearing a collective gasp around Anfield when Salah seals the victory with an exquisite shot in Chelsea vs Liverpool match. The beauty shot with the fine body language made everyone go crazy and jump off the seats. Like always Chelsea vs. Liverpool turned out to be a thrilling dose of soccer for the fans. You can still catch up with the match highlights is you have missed out the action.



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