Brain Pickings; Most Valuable Lessons from Maria Popva!


Maria Popova is not only gifted with a great eye, but she is vividly intelligent and contains a luminescent love for beauty. For so many years, her weekly newsletter called Brain Pickings has not just diverted, dazzled and intrigued the people who follow her but has also made their minds become able to think of large.

10 Learnings from Brain Pickings
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Brain Pickings, just like any other of her work has turned out to be a human empowered discovery contraption for interestingness.  A lot of people are now considering this as a subjective lens which makes them differentiate among what’s right and wrong in the world. It had brought hem things that they didn’t know before or the stuff they were never interested in until these weekly emails and letters were funded by her.

So, what is that people have learned from it?

There are so many things that we have got to learn from Brain Pickings. But only a few of them we will discuss here.

Allow Yourself to Win the Luxury of Changing Your Mind Whenever You Want

You must learn how to nurture the dimensions of negative capabilities in your surroundings. This society has so many norms among which not having your voice is the biggest issue of today’s world which is why so many people build their own opinions that are enthralled some feigning impressions or maybe a plagiarized idea from someone else. This way, people do not invest a single second of their time into thinking and carry out the required convictions instantly.

People keep clinging onto those opinions and then keep asserting them as an anchor to their veracity. Better to understand than to be right and for that changing your mind about any ideology or subject is very necessary.

Never Do Anything If Gets You Approval, Reputation or Money

Prestige and money alone are very dangerous and can easily warp your ideas and beliefs and anything that you enjoy if you let them in your life too much. If they have an impact on you, you are less likely to do things that you like rather you would do things to please others.

For deeper rewards, you may also distract yourself from those things but better to stay motivated and to affirm on your part and be grateful for everything that you have in your life.

Try To Be As Generous As Possible

Here, we are not talking about money. Anyone can have money and generous with it, but you should try to become princely with your time, the resources that you put into things and not to mention with your words. Better to be a celebratory rather than being a critic about everything.

Take nothing on its looks; takie everything on evidence. There is no better rule.

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You Always Need Stillness in Your Life

Help yourself in achieving stillness that you have always longed for your body. Meditate or take a walk on a beach or an empty road, ride your bike with no particular destination in mind. Make sure that you achieve the creative purpose that is behind daydreaming. You have to stop trying to make everything work so desperately and let your mind free from any burden.

Just Know That Worthwhile Things Takes a Lot of Time

Overlook your habits of contiguity and know that it is always hard to capture fundamental things in your life.  Overnight success is only a myth and if you want a successful life, then keeps reminding yourself that even a simple flower takes time to go from bud to a blossom.


All these points are a key factor in understanding what it means to live a decent life with substantial rewards in the future. Brain Pickings helps you groom as a person both creatively and spiritually and let you search for the meaning of life through science, art, philosophy and human feelings.


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