#BoycottAriel Becomes Top Trend on Twitter after Ariel Pakistan’s misleading Ad

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Ariel Ad Source: Twitter

Ariel Pakistan put an Ad on their Facebook Page which stated liberalism of women in Pakistan. But people considered words in this ad as opposite to Quranic teachings. Below is an image of the ad that put people in anger.

Due to this #BycottAriel becomes top trend on Twitter.

As you can see in the above picture it is clearly written on the picture “Chaar Deewri Mein Raho, Yeh Daagh Humein Kya Roken Gay”. The sentence Chaar Deewari Mein Raho is translation to a Quranic verse, which is for the protection of women.

bycottariel becomes top trend
Ariel Ad
Source: Twitter

People got furious because of this and considering it a cheap marketing tactic by the company. #BycottAriel gets around 7000 tweets.

Meanwhile, Ariel Pakistan’s social media team removed this ad. They removed the ad due to an immense response by people’s anger.

This is not the first time that any company is using such type of anti-Islamic and humiliating marketing technique to promote its services. Because of big companies like Q Mobile and Careem already had used such tactics in the past.


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