7 Weight Loss Tips: But BONUS Tip will Surprise You!


If you are also one of those people who is struggling to fit last year’s clothes because of the extra weight you have put on, then welcome to the club. Are you often embarrassed when you try out a new dress? Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Here, we will save you from all that stress and embarrassment by giving you out some weight loss tips on how you can lose those extra pounds without much effort. No gimmick, no lies. As they say, “it’s the little things in life that have  the most effect”

Getting more fit is pretty simple however it requires a lot of effort and some will power, guys! Trust me when I say this if you feel you can follow these easy peasy tips, nobody can stop you from getting rid of that weight hanging around there. You should simply take after these basic tips for weight reduction. Do it reliably while you are on the trip of how to get thinner. Be persistent. The scales will demonstrate your weight dropping. Furthermore, THAT dress will fit once more!

Disregard crash counts calories and extraordinary marathon exercises for weight reduction, here are a couple of things you ought to do to make your life simple. We chose to incorporate a rundown of minuscule weight reduction tips that can enable you to get back headed straight toward wellness.

But How?

Here below are some exceptional weight loss tips:

  1. Start off the Day with a Glass of Warm Water and Lemon

This weight reduction tip isn’t troublesome, is it? Lemon and a glass of Luke warm water at a young hour early in the day are the most looked for after tipping for weight reduction which helps to chop down fat as well as allows your body drench up the vitamins – making your insusceptible framework solid.

Warm Water and Lemon
Source: Survival Mystery
  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated!

Ok, this one is no surprise BUT I have to say this – drink lots and lots of water for weight reduction. Hydrate yourself RELIGIOUSLY. Drinking enough water is vital for weight reduction however the most effectively overlooked activity.  Notwithstanding, having enough water enables individuals to get more fit speedier.

Go for simple water, juices, coconut milk, green tea or simply anything that is healthy for your body (Not talking about ice cream shakes, OKAY?). Keep your fix helpful and continue tasting. A glass of water before a supper keeps you full and helps in weight reduction as well. Each time you think you are eager all you need to do is drink a bit – you could simply be parched!

  1. Say Bye-Bye to Sugar!

I honestly don’t intend to state that you ought to totally refrain from sugar however in the event that you have a sweet tooth at that point ensure you cut your sugar for weight reduction. Expelling sugar from your eating routine lessens your starch intake, urging you to eat more protein. You can always go for the brown sugar. Attempt your own particular form for snappy weight reduction, it can be as basic as skirting that early morning croissant and that late-night brownie.

  1. A little Bit of Exercise Everyday, Please?

Stuck at the work desk all day? A brisk walk or exercise would do! If you are a person who is all about working out and wants to lose weight by that, you can check out more such articles from our site. You should also visit some Beginner Exercises, that will help you a lot in losing weight. There’s no compelling reason to go crazy in the exercise center for weight reduction. Definitely, do as such on the off chance that you really want it.

Little Bit of Daily Exercise
Source: Cooking Light

In any case, to lose weight, you simply need to begin moving more. Go for a walk, a little bit of skipping at home or anything that involves movement. Whatever you do – do it consistently for simple weight reduction.

  1. Don’t Forget your Beauty Sleep (Rest)

Do you know what’s undesirable? Lack of sleep guys, trust me! This one is the most essential for weight reduction! In fact, it is exceptionally hard to get more fit without getting sufficient rest. Develop a habit of going to bed early at night. Get a proper 8 hours of sleep no matter what. Thus, leave every one of those stresses aside and guarantee you get a decent night’s rest. This is an important weight loss tip.

Beauty Sleep
Source: Consumer Health Digest

People who don’t rest enough tend to put on weight faster. Think before you nod off. Boycott the screen before sleep time. Say bye-bye to your mobile phones and skip scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook & Twitter feeds for hours! Now and again, stop what you are doing and just relax. Go get some rest!

  1. Stay Away from All that White Stuff

Here’s an extra tip for you guys that will be quite helpful. Begin following this basic weight reduction tip from today. Cut off all the sweet stuff that is white from your routine starting off with sugar. To begin with, surrender it for two weeks. The same goes for refined carbs. White flour, white pasta, white rice, white bread, STOP EATING those!

  1. Control your Food Habits for Weight Reduction

Sometimes we just end up eating when we get bored or literally have nothing to do, right? I am sure there are so many people who feel super hungry when they are stressed. Sigh! Stop guys, this is very unhealthy.

Unhealthy Food
Source: NCD Alliance

Strolling by the kitchen and nibbling on a modest bunch of crisps will not let you lose weight. Serve yourself short of what you typically do. Quit getting sustenance and eating interminably between dinners. Incorporate protein and sound fats in each dinner for quick weight reduction.


Here’s a bonus tip at the end, don’t diet, eat healthy instead because one of the biggest problems of diets is that they rarely work in the long term. So, instead of going on a diet, aim to become a healthier, fitter and happier person! If you have any other weight loss tips, share them away!


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