Kodak black ‘Expeditiously’ – A Diss Track attacking Tiny Harris & T. I

Kodak Black

Recently, Kodak Black song ‘Expeditiously’ went viral over YouTube. All the Kodak Black fans and the rap lovers are enjoying this song on one side but after flipping the coin realized that it is attacking T.I and his family. Kodak black by introducing ‘Expeditiously’ song not only give reply to T.I but also introduced the new spicy taste of diss track to his followers.

Kodak Black in Expeditiously
Source: YouTube

After the release of Diss Track Song Expeditiously, a large group of rap and music lovers stated comments over the Kodak Black. The Diss track attacks T.I family that was unbearable by the T.I and of course his lovers as well.

Are You among Those who are unaware of this?

To all those who are unaware that why Kodak Black released a Diss Track Expeditiously, let me tell you that it was the answer of T.I Diss track that was released a week before his Diss Track.

Black in return of T.I pending Diss Track released ‘Expeditiously’. Here the word ‘Pending Diss Track’ creates some confusion. As commenters are of the view that Black has taken this step in a hurry without thinking over it. As the T.I Diss Track was pending and is not released fully.

Huh! What’s going on in the rap industry?

Undoubtedly, the diss track of T.I and Kodak Black has filled the rap industry with crisp and sauce!

Here the crux of the matter is to uncover the facts that are behind this masala and sauce.

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Why did Kodak Black do so?

Why Kodak Black released Diss track featuring T.I wife Tinny Harris?

Why T.I released pending Diss Track attacking him?

Is there was some rivalry relations between them? Are they trying to beat each other?

However, the media is trying to expose such factors but for sure there will be some crisp and sauce between them.

Above all these crispy chilies, Diss tracks aroused groups of enemies for both Kodak Black and T.I rappers. However, it will affect both the rappers but does it affect more to Kodak Black as he is on his concert tour. Hope so that series of his concerts go well and these rap chilies will not harm his career.

On the other hand, it seems that Diss track of T.I is not going to provide much harm as it was in a pending state when the Kodak Black released his Diss Track towards T.I. Nor he confirmed that it was a diss track towards him.

Now, what’s next?

Will T.I will respond to Black diss track? What do you think? Comment your point of view, we will love to hear from you!


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